The Department of Home Science was started in the year 2019 by introducing the UGC Choice Based Course of Home Science. The department offers a degree course in Home Science with particular thrust on areas like Human Development, Food, and nutrition, Dynamics of communication and extension, Resource management, Introduction to textiles, Communication Systems, and mass media, Personal finance and consumer studies, Fashion design concepts, Life sciences, Physical sciences, Research methodology, and Socio-economic environment. Apart from major degree courses; this department also offers various skill courses to students of other streams and the skill courses include tailoring, cutting and sewing skills, Nutrition and fitness, Textile and design, and Pre-school management. At present two faculty members are working in the department. The department is determined to provide a learning environment to students that will lead to around development of their personalities and make them positive contributors to the betterment of home and community. The department of Home science strives to achieve academic excellence by imparting interdisciplinary knowledge and developing skills in the learners.

Home science is an exclusive field of study which encompasses the discipline of arts, science, humanities, and technology. The broad five disciplines of Home science include Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabric, and Apparel Science and Development Communication and Extension. Modern lifestyles demand the use of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of life. The different areas of Home Science offer unique and off-the-beat careers which are creative, challenging as well as beneficial. Some of the avenues and prospects for students of Home science include Fashion designing, Hospital management, Dietetics, Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, Teaching, Counselling, and Social Welfare.