Environmental Science


Degree College for Women Pulwama was established in the year 2008 when this college was established vide Govt. order no 269-HE of 2007 dated 20-12-2007 by offering environmental studies at the undergraduate level as a compulsory course as per directives of the Supreme court of India. The principal aim of the department is to aware the students with the comprehensive knowledge regarding the key and pressing environmental issues, and the application of potential environmental tools and methods in the development of different environmental policies and programs. The department from its inception continues to provide awareness among students and the common masses about ongoing and key environmental challenges. With the time Department of Environmental Science changes its focus from mere environmental awareness to addressing environmental problems like Global Environmental Change, acidification of natural atmosphere and water resources, wearing out of protective ozone umbrella, and the incessant increase in the use of stock limited food and energy sources by the burgeoning population of humans on the planet earth. Environmental science is an amalgam of subjects that integrates knowledge from several other fields to provide us with a broad scientific understanding to address these environmental problems constraining our earth. The prime focus of the Department of Environmental Sciences is to provide in-depth knowledge and technical know-how to undergraduate students, faculties, industrialists and other stakeholders regarding ecological changes and problems brought about by the increasing population to find out sustainable solutions to these global environmental issues. The department of Environmental Science tries its level best to inculcate values and knowledge among the students regarding their responsibilities and duties towards the sustainability of resources, compassion for living creatures, and solutions for ongoing environmental issues. Further, the faculty at the Department of Environmental Science will help students attain leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and to build resilience to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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