The Department of Economics at GDC Women Pulwama was established in 2017 and is a well-knit community of accomplished and highly committed teaching faculty and a very vibrant group of the student body. The Department in its continual endeavor towards harmonizing excellence with inclusivity and equity draws strength from a dynamic teaching-learning process, where the faculty feels privileged to collaborate with its enthusiastic young students as they embark on an enriching and fulfilling life-long learning experience. The Economics undergraduate programme provides a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative tools of economic analysis. It also familiarizes students with shifts in development paradigms with particular reference to the state of India’s people in the pre and post-independence period. The Department has its distinctive ethos where the faculty continually strives to walk as co-learners with the students on the path of knowledge building. The Department’s continuous emphasis on the understanding of the principles of Economics within a multidisciplinary framework has been a great motivator for its students to pursue their dreams and aspirations infused with a people-centric approach. These could involve admissions to prestigious institutions and placements in blue-chip companies. Many of them have also been engaged in diverse fields ranging from civil society to policymaking through their education, research, field action, and extension.

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