As for as the subject of Physics is concerned, it is the most fundamental discipline in natural sciences and a foundation of most of the inventions in engineering and technology. The mission of physics is to comprehend the physical phenomenon in the universe in terms of a few universal laws. The first monumental work in this direction was the “Newton’s Laws”. To focus on the importance of basic science in the advancement of mankind, let me quote the famous Faraday’s reply: When Micheal Farady announced the laws of electromagnetic induction in 1821, he was asked, “What is the use of it”. Faraday’s sharp reply was, “What is the use of a newly born baby”. Today we realize that a world without electric motors, transformers, generators, and other electrical devices is indispensable to us. They all are based on Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction. The motto underlying the message is that physics is enjoyable. It extensively gives us to understand the principles and equations of physics and their applications in real life. Vision and Mission: To provide a strong base knowledge of physics.

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