The Urdu Department was established in 2008. The main objective of the department is to teach Urdu to undergraduate students. The UG course covers various teaching areas such as: History of Urdu Language and Literature. history of Urdu language and literature With special reference to Jammu and Kashmir, Urdu Dastan, Afsana, drama, Inshaiya, Nazm, ghazal,Qaseeda , Marsia, Masnavi, Rubai etc. At least 1000 students are studying Urdu subjects in different semesters. In 2008, about 200 students took admission in BA from Urdu subject. Since then, the number has been increasing every year and in 2015, about 600 students enrolled in Urdu subject while this year more than 1000 students are doing BA in Urdu subject. At present two contract lecturers Dr. Amtiaz Ahmed Poonchi and Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ganai are working in the department.

Urdu is spoken and understood throughout the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Urdu was recognized as the state and official language of Jammu and Kashmir in 1889. Before Urdu, Persian was the official language of Kashmir for almost three centuries. In Jammu and Kashmir, all government records of lands, revenues, courts, and even FIRs are written in Urdu. Almost all the people of Jammu and Kashmir can understand and speak Urdu whether they are Muslims or Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, etc. Everyone, regardless of religion or nationality, speaks this language. Although their mother tongues are different. Various poets and writers of Jammu and Kashmir are working on the development of the Urdu language and literature.