The Department of Botany was established in 2017 and is housed on the first floor of the main building. The main thrust area of the department is to teach undergraduate students of botany. The teaching areas include; Plant Physiology, Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding, Plant Anatomy and Embryology, Cell and Molecular biology, Biodiversity, Plant Ecology and Taxonomy, Plant Pathology, Medicinal Botany, etc,. In addition, the subject is also taught as ‘skill courses’ so as to make students capable of earning in the form of part or full-time business after graduation. The skill courses include; Fruit and Vegetable Preservation, and Medicinal Botany. The number of students enrolled in the department in different semesters is as follows; 109 in the 5th semester, 101 students in the 3rd semester, 52 in the 2nd semester, and 90 in the 1st semester. At present two faculty members are working in the department with one supporting staff. The department is organizing field trips for the students of different semesters to acquaint them with the regional flora. Vision The Department aspires to attain distinction in providing cutting-edge learning experiences to undergraduate students in order to become their first choice. Mission The Department of Botany strives to impart quality education to its students through advanced infrastructural and technological facilities To expand opportunities for students by offering new courses, especially skill courses, and upgrading the existing programs.

Feild Trip Report 2021