The Prime Minister's Rural Digital Literacy Mission is a significant initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide in rural areas and empowering individuals with essential digital skills. As a part of this mission, certificates are distributed to participants who successfully complete the digital literacy program.

The Scheme is aimed at empowering the citizens in rural areas by training them to operate computers or digital access devices (like tablets, smartphones, etc.), send and receive e-mails, browse the Internet, access government services, search for information, and undertake digital payment, etc.

Certificates serve as a recognition of the participants' successful completion of the digital literacy program, acknowledging their efforts in acquiring essential digital skills. Certificates act as a motivation tool, encouraging participants to actively engage in the program and further enhance their digital literacy skills. The distribution of certificates enhances the employability prospects of participants, as it validates their digital literacy skills and showcases their commitment to self-improvement. Certificates provide tangible proof of the acquired skills, enabling participants to include them in their resumes or portfolios for future opportunities.

Out of 150 students who qualified the online evaluation so far, certificate of 65 students were distributed in today’s event. The college Principal Prof. (Dr.) Yasmeen Farooq Khan distributed certificated to eight students in the morning assembly. The rest of the students collected their certificates in the Computer Application Department.