College Library:

The library is functioning as important information and knowledge resource centre, fulfilling in academic needs of students, faculty, and other staff members. All the housekeeping activities are performed in an automated environment using SOUL 2.0. The library is equipped with modern gadgets of information technology and the latest methods/ techniques are being used for information processing, retrieval, and dissemination.

Collection of Books:


30000 (Textbooks and reference books)


The library subscribes to the N-LIST database of INFLIBNET through which online access is provided to hundreds of reputed journals and thousands of E-books. The library members need to register for online access to the database.


All Bonafide students, faculty, and other staff members of the college are eligible for membership.

Loan Period:
Student 1 Book 14 days
Faculty 30 Days 5 Books
Official 3 Books 20 days
Overdue Charges:

For the period of 10 days from the due date of return: INR 1 per day per book.
For the period beyond 10 days from the due date of return: INR 2 per day per book.

Fine for the Lost Material:

(a) In the case of books published in India: 5 times the price of the original book.

(b) Foreign Publication: Price of the original book as per present rates plus 20% of the price.
The library accepts the replacement of the actual book(s) as well.


Reference books, magazines/ journals, newspapers, and other reading materials which are marked for consultation within the library are not issued outside the library.