The government Degree College for Women Pulwama offers varied programmes in Arts, Sciences, Commerce, and Computer Applications. Arabic is one of the subjects under the Languages category. The subject was introduced vide Govt. Order No: 335 HE of 2010 dated 09-09-2010.

Arabic is currently one of the six official languages of the United Nations Organization. It is one of the oldest living languages with a history of more than 1500 years and is currently the official language of 22 countries spoken by more than 350 million people as their mother tongue and 270 million L2 speakers (MSA). It is the language of the Holy Quran and Sunnah which are the primary sources of Islam.

The department of Arabic strives to give quality education and to inculcate all the four basic language skills to the students besides the cultural dimension of this language. As compared to many foreign languages, Arabic has got a very good market value. A lot of job opportunities are there in the trade, travel,  tourism, banking, and Media sectors as translators, interpreters, analysts, reporters, correspondents, consultants and programme officers. Multinational companies like Amazon also adjust a big chunk of job aspirants in India. As other languages/subjects, Arabic has its share in the government sector too. The people with higher degrees in Arabic can find a place in Higher Education Department, Cultural Academies and Research Centers. Arabic being one among the classical languages lot of manuscripts are preserved in different historical libraries in India like Khuda Bakish Oriental Library of Patna, Asiatic Society of Mumbai Library, Raza Library of Rampore and Asafia Library of Hyderabad. So Arabic is linked the past of the Country as it is linked with the present scenario because our Country has good ties with all Asiatic Arab countries.

The department of Arabic is presently headed by Dr. Javid Ahmad Pal with more than fifteen years of experience in the teaching of this subject. He has done his Ph. D in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. His area of interest is Cultural and Translation Studies.

Our college has got a collection of books on the Arabic Language, Literature, Spoken Arabic and other aspects of the Language. The college adds books on the subject every year as per the needs of students and the faculty.

The college offers B. A. Programme with Arabic as a course in a lot of combinations and streams. From the current session 2022, new admission will be as per NEP 2020. There will be eight semesters with multiple entry and exit points during the programme. The students who have passed 10+2 in Arts, Science or Commerce can take Arabic as one of the subjects. The Intake Capacity for the subject is 40. The Department has an excellent record of results in the previous years. The students of Arabic are given opportunities and encouraged to participate in all co-curricular activities. There is at least one Cultural Programme and many seminars every year which are related to the Arabic Language and Literature. Department has a mission to make language learning a lively academic and cultural pursuit instead of making it a bookish and pedantic enterprise. The students seeking admission with Arabic as the subject will have a great learning experience under the guidance of the learned teachers of the department.