Instructions for Authors/ Submission Guidelines for IBJSS

The Manuscript, in MS Word, should be submitted to the IJSS Editor via email on with ‘Submission for IJSS’ mentioned in the ‘Subject’ line.

All the Manuscripts should be typed in ‘Times New Roman’ (including bibliography, and footnotes if any) on A4 size, with wide margins, with 1.5 spacing, 12 font size for main text, 14 for headings, and 10 for bibliography/ footnotes.

The Manuscript should be arranged in the following way:

Title Page (Cover Page): Title page is a separate page before the text, and should include the following information: Title of the Manuscript (be concise and informative); Author’s Names and Affiliations; Full Postal Address (including Email ID and Contact/WhatsApp number of the corresponding author).

Abstract: A concise and informative Abstract of 150-200 words. The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions.

Keywords: Provide 3-5 keywords immediately after the Abstract.

Subdivision of the Manuscript: Manuscript should be clearly divided in defined and numbered sections, starting from Introduction, and ending with Conclusion/ Recommendation, and at the end followed by the Bibliography.

References: Author(s) should follow the latest edition of ‘American Psychological Association’ (APA) Style of Referencing [AUTHOR, DATE: Pages(s)] (for more details, see Please ensure that every work cited in the text is mentioned in the Bibliography and vice versa.

Important: The Manuscripts submitted for ‘IJJSS’ are blind peer reviewed by the experts before publication. Therefore, before submitting the manuscript, author(s) should check/ ensure/certify the following: (i) The submission has not been previously published, nor is it under consideration with another journal; (ii) The submission file is in Microsoft Word (MS Word) format; and (iii) Manuscript has been prepared as per ‘IJSS’ guidelines. The Editorial Board reserves the right to exclude any paper from publication, without providing the reasons for the rejection. The author will be responsible for its plagiarism, copyright issues, and other such technical/ legal issues. The Institution or the Editorial Board does not necessarily need to agree with the views/ opinions of the author(s).

Editor, IJSS